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Brian Lederer has practice law for 42 years. He is an expert in landlord- tenant law.Mr. Lederer is well known in the political circles in the District of Columbia. On behalf of clients, he prepares housing legislation, especially for policies that affect affordable housing and landlord-tenant law.

Mr. Lederer is respected by the real estate owner community. He is also called upon by tenant organizations to provide representation. He has represented organizations and persons in almost every ward of the District of Columbia.

He brings decades of experience in complex litigation. He is well verse in administrative and government regulatory law. As a direct product of regulatory experience, he has acquired a substantial practice in government affairs, representing clients before numerous governmental entities.

Brian is the former People’s Counsel of the District of Columbia. In this capacity, he assured fairness in the regulatory impacts of public policy. As People’s Counsel, he represented the people of the District of Columbia in regulatory proceedings. He organized citywide community participation and litigated policies in the public interest (good business for the city, the public, and the companies): build coalitions and worked with diverse interests to balance the needs of the citizens of the District of Columbia.

Brian has developed a strong probate and estate law practice.

Mr. Lederer is a 1972 graduate of the University of Washington Law School, where he obtained his juris doctorate. He graduated in 1967 from Harvard magna cum laude with a bachelor’s in comparative government and economics.

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